Why does the library here even exist

So my classes today finished at 1PM, I figured I would go down to my school's library to work on assignments and study for a few hours. I get there and find that I will have to face the problem I always do, that the fifty or so computers that are open to students (and the public...) are all occupied. I can see most of the monitors show Facebook or flash games, which is considered a perfectly fair use of the computers by library staff because it does not go against the school's fair computer use policy. I disagree. I needed a computer so I could actually do my schoolwork and access my professor's website! I went up to a floor where I know there are another two computers by the stacks, of course they're both taken. Jesus Christ, at a school with over 12000 students why do you have less than 100 computers in the library? —Not posting this from a school computer

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