To the woman that honked at me and then almost hit me with her car

If you would like to purchase a vehicle for me to drive, go ahead! Then I would happily drive a car instead of my dinky bicycle. However, right now I have 250 dollars to my name and I still need to get to work and school and back every day. I do my best to bike AS close to that goddamn sidewalk as I can and today I had a woman honk at me and then almost slam me with her car, to turn into the Quinpool grocery store. I'm sure that getting groceries was well worth my life. I'm sorry I'm not fast enough. I'm sorry I take up space. But I have places to go to. Hey, maybe I think you're a dickwad for driving a car instead of taking a bus every day. But I'm not harassing you or trying to cause you bodily harm. It's also illegal to bike on the sidewalk. So I guess you're just as stuck with me as I am with you, except that I'm behaving like an adult. —Optionless

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