Psycho Ex-GF from the depths of hell

To my boyfriends ex girlfriend from NB who won't seem to get the point: Get a fucking life and move on. Seriously you dated in HIGH SCHOOL. That was what? 7 or 8 years ago?, he didn't love you then and he definitely doesn't love you now. You were a mistake to him, he said you were HORRIBLE in bed, he broke up with you numerous times because he wanted better and you cheated on him in the end. FUCK OFF, we know you stalk his fb page. That's how cool you are.

You seriously need a life, plus you have a kid now and you still find time to stalk him and post pathetic pics of you and your "friends" from high school on your profile...wouldn't you post a picture of your FIANCE or KID instead. Seriously you're beyond pathetic. You look like a mousy fat heifer bitch with horse teeth.

And honestly, he is just really embarassed to have ever gone out with you seriously. Just pisses me off how he wasted good times with someone as worthless as you while I was stuck in high school all alone.

But then again I am the one getting married to him and going on trips with him and all you had was mediocre high school memories so never mind :)

You're a pathetic doormat and I hate your guts, go drop dead.

PS: Stay the fuck out of his life and mine. And stop using stalkbook I mean Facebook to pathetically try to come in contact with him. —I'm his upgrade.

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