Comic book shops suck!!

Okay I admit it, I read comic books. I love series like Sandman, Y:The Last Man, and Fables. Because I like these books, I sometimes end up in the comic book store. There is only ONE shop in Halifax where I don't feel like some kind of bug on display when I walk in. In the other places, conversation stops and the assorted geeks standing around begin to stare at me, often grinning or giggling like idiots to each other. The people behind the counter are rude and talk to me like I'm three years old. The condescension and snickering make me want to scream. Just give me my Scott Pilgrim comic and let me get the hell out of there!! Why does it have to be that way? If I was treated with a teensy bit of respect and not ogled like a piece of meat maybe you'd learn that I know a lot about comics and yes I can even play your stupid Magic the gathering game! —Lisa

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