Here for the bitch rants not for the bitch comments

I understand the internet is pretty much full of drama and if you post something online you do get negative remarks back but the this love the way you bitch thing is for people who feel the need to rant a complaint about something in their life that pisses them off. Not to deal with catty childish post remarks from sad regulars on this site who feel the need to say they are wrong. Get a life. You know who you are. People want to rant their shit out not hear your nameless insults on how they are the wrong ones. Isn't that hypocritical? Making fun of people who post these bitch rants yet feel the need to make rude comments to them about the very thing they are doing? No one wants to hear you're this you're that why don't you do this why dont you do that...they just wanna vent and leave.

The regulars here who post the comments on these bitch rants are definitely the pathetic ones.

And let the pathetic regulars begin their insults in 3...2...1 —Love the way we bitch not comment

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