I just don't get it.

This has been eating away at me since I have been forced to use a bus to get back and forth to my university 2 or so years ago, I don't want anyone to get my opinion wrong so let me say something first. I understand that if a bus is packed, jammed tight, with a limited amount of buses I have to move my bag, and let someone sit near me much to my displeasure because I am horribly anti-social and just hates the general public, but if the bus is damn near empty, I mean I clearly see 10+ seats open in front of me why do you freaks feel the need to try and sit near me, or rather SIT on my bag with my fragile netbook and fuck up my day? I mean I don't get it...don't you enjoy your personal space? I know I do that's why I sure as hell won't move my bag or my crossed legs which are getting in the way of you sitting properly in the seat. THERE ARE DOZENS OF FUCKING SEATS FREE SIT THERE !! I have seriously had it with cranky old 40 something year old hags and creepy, perverted old men trying to park there smelly asses near me when there are dozens of free seats. If you're lonely, join a fucking club for other lonely people. And no standing there awkwardly for 5 minutes near my seat won't cause me to move my bag for you. Glaring also is a failed attempt or talking to me when I have my headphones on won't work. And to the fat hag who decided to park her smelly ass near me, squishing me so much that it pinched a nerve in my arm, making it hurt like a bitch all week, while you attempted to interrupt me and my friends' conversation FUCK OFF. It's bad enough your massive ass cheeks of fat are squishing me, don't even try to bother me and my friend. —Anti-social bus traveler

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