Real in a fake world...

Dear tanning salon, home of all the desperate money hungry spoiled bitchy house wives..

I dont like you. You're pretty pathetic actually.. you say "my heart wasn't in the job" well I'm GLAD!!!!! I'm sorry I don't wake up and live to clean tanning beds and wash and fold your little white towels. To place candies oh so perfectly in the middle of a pillow. To sell bronzing lotions to leathery orange cougars. To ensure all the tanorexic anorexic lame excuses for women each get their daily dose of cancer. To make superficial small talk with cake faces on their way to the gym.

I'm happy I'm gone, I dont even know why I entertained you for a second. You don't deserve me. I'm sorry for even giving an inch of me to you. I'm done, and I'm happy, and I am proud to say I dont even wanna LOOK like my heart is in any of that. 'Cause you know what, it's not anymore. You had a good girl, good to the bone, and you picked her up and spat her out for 1 reason only, I'm real, and in a fake world, i guess that just doesn't cut it sometimes...

So long sucka! Hope the beds burn your store down. —the big "LESSSSBIAN"

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