If being ID'ed is a compliment then tonight it was overkill. I mosey my way into a liquor boutique (I'll call it that) which I frequent all the time, cashiers recognize me but sometimes still ask for my ID to impress the boss yaddy yadda... The little rent a cop whom has no real authority besides calling the police if somebody is disorderly or is underage, asks me for ID, I gladly show my ID and put it back into my pocket... when arriving at the cash with my purchase, I have to re-dig into my pocket for my ID, take it out of my wallet (cause it may be FAKE) they twist it, bend it, give it a good hard stare then resubmit it to the casheir. I asked why rent a cop is IDing people if you at the cash are just going to ID people know age increases with time, Im no Einstein, but im getting no younger, and this is starting to try me. Maybe rent a pig should be at the front door IDing people before they EVEN enter thus nobody would have to be bothered two times...

Anyways, tonight I go in again, people recognize me, rent a cop ID's me , i said "no" grabbed my purchase and then i was told if i didnt present ID to the rent a pig, i was asked to leave the a pig doesnt exchange product for cash and isnt responsible for IDing people....they are overstepping their boundaries as a rental/subleted security company/individual, if you want to get the job done right, ID at the door and not in the store, or be asked to leave the premise like me. And i left!

I wasnt disorderly, I didnt cause a scene, but I went to another store and didnt get ID'd until i went to the cash...if you can't make it the same everywhere, why do it at all?

oh and BTW, Im 30 years old....and I hate Halifax for all its rediculous chickens, no clothes lines, no this , no that....getting a bit old, thinking of moving to another province because its something more rediculous and so outlandish each and every time a bylaw pops up... my head hurts...and I dont vote. —being ID'd is a compliment?

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