Canada Games = No School for YOU!

Here's my question/bitch. Why are we being forced to pull our kids out of school for two weeks, for the 'Canada Games Break'. Yes, that's what it's listed as in the school calendar, 'Canada Games Break'. Is the Canada Games committee going to pay for those two weeks of childcare for me? Or are they going to pay my salary, so I can stay home from work for two weeks, in order to take my kids to the games?

Why are our kids being pulled out of school, when it's not like I can even bring them to the games, while I'm WORKING!!!! Is my company going to give me a two week paid vacation to support the games? Not likely. So I guess I show my support by shelling out for exta childcare instead.

And don't tell me to take vacation. Would YOU like to be told WHEN and HOW to take YOUR vacation?

Close the schools where the events are taking place. Not the whole freakin' school district!

Yes, I'm all for Canadian pride. But there's a difference in having support for your country and having it shoved down your throat. —Stealin' My Vacation

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