Dish Duty

Dear Roomates:

Things are going great so far. I like that we're all pretty different but get along so well. I like that everyone has all the rent and bill money in on time without being harassed and I like that we divide up the house work and a have a pretty clean apartment for students.

I don't mind cleaning the kitchen at all. I think both of you do a great job on the bathroom and the livingroom and our 3 bedrooms are all our own so you can keep yours as clean or dirty as you want...and we're all fairly clean.

So otherwise clean roomies..when I went away for 5 days did you NOT WASH ANY DISHES!? Every dish in the house was dirty, some of them were from the day I left...when I chose to pack instead of washing a couple of dishes.

They smelled so bad when I got home I thought the garbage exploded! You guys actually went out and bought paper plates instead of washing a dish.

Please, please...I will clean the bathroom and the living room when you guys go away. Just take care of the kitchen when I do. —Dishpan hands

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