You don't make the rules and you can't make a new lane

Once or twice a week I see some asshole pass the line of bumper to bumper traffic coming from Bedford and drive on the shoulder of the road to get into the bumper to bumper traffic heading to Burnside.

The shoulder of the road is not a lane. You don't get to pass the 15 cars who are actually on the road and then jump the line. It's bad enough having to watch over your left shoulder trying to merge into traffic without causing an accident but now I have to check my right hand side to see if some random moron just created his own lane and is trying to cut me off!?

And who are the fuckheads letting these people in? You can see he just made his own fucking lane! Don't reward him by letting him merge in front of you. Stay bumper to bumper and don't let these fuckers pass all the patient law abiding citizens who are actually on the road!

Just FYI, black Hummer who did this on Thursday morning. I reported you for dangerous driving and gave your license plate to the cops. Maybe they'll do something, maybe they won't but I'll continue to report fuckers who do this and I won't be letting you in front of me. —A normally patient commuter


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