another jerk on four wheels

To the driver of the white car on Gottingen who honked loudly at the cyclist directly ahead of them for no reason other than to obviously startle them: FUCK YOU! You nearly veered into the cyclist and let your horn go. Immediately after you turned left onto Falkland & the cyclist in their yellow reflective clothing continued north on Gottingen. There was no reason for the obnoxious honk and you even startled me a bit as I was walking toward Propeller.

Hopefully the one metre safety rule comes into effect so scum like you will quit it and give cyclists the room and respect they/we deserve. This has happened to me before and I nearly hit a parked car/bailed in the street. It can be very scary cycling in this city with drivers like you. Be sure that you will cause an accident one day that will haunt you forever.

Also, beware the wrath of the u-lock if you pull this again while I'm out biking. —ryleyhfx

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