Fucked and chucked for bullshit reasons!

I met this guy at a party. We hit it off really well and began dating. On our 6th date, we had sex. It was okay, not amazing, but it was our first time together-- of course it's not going to be mind blowing. We used to text every day, but then he stopped messaging me. Three weeks later and I still didn't hear from him. So I emailed him. He emailed me back and this was the gist of his message:

"Hey, I had a few too many drinks so now I'm able to tell you this. I don't think we should see each other anymore. I'm sorry but the sex was absolutely awful. You don't have much experience do you? Also, you need to trim and clean a little better. I'm so sorry to be bearer of bad news, hon."

I stared at the message in shock and think am I actually reading this?!! I thought that maybe it was joke or it was just the booze talking, but then I found out from a friend that when he was sober he did say I was awful and was hairy and smelly down under!! You got to be fucking kidding me! As someone who does trim and shower every day, and has had sex on average 10 times a month for the past 8 years, this is utter bullshit! Why would this guy make up shit and blame the mediocre sex on me? What a fucking tool!! —Stupid guys

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