Neo Nazis alive and well in HRM

On Saturday I was geocaching with my GPS in a wooded area. I randomly came across an improvised "camp". It was a two-level affair, wooden framing, ladder, tarps for protection. Not bad. I checked it out and to my utter disgust I discovered the following: "I'm a Jew Hater" spray painted on the tarp walls complete with a swastika. More swastikas and hate words were carved into the wood of the camp.

Over 45,000 Canadian men lost their lives fighting people who used that symbol, a people who knowingly or unknowingly supported a regime that exterminated 6 million Jews and here it was staring me in the face in Nova Scotia.

Yes, the camp owners are probably "just" teenagers but where does this attitude come from? Where is this hate learned? WHERE ARE THE PARENTS?

Well, I reported this place to the police who checked it out, and now the camp will be dismantled. So, to the hate mongering idiots who spent a lot of time and effort working on their camp, I hope you have learned your lesson... we should all hope. —A Veteran

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