Slow the hell down already

I just narrowly escaped getting hit TWICE in the same crosswalk. I'm reasonably cautious when crossing - I look first, make sure the driver has plenty of time to stop before entering the cross walk - but when driver #1 didn't look like he was going to stop, I waved my arms at him until he slammed on his brakes. Then as I'm right in the middle of the road, I see driver #2 coming in the opposite direction, going much faster than reasonable (if I had to guess, I'd say at least 65-70) and there was no way she would have stopped on time, so I lurched backwards and screamed at her, she slammed on her brakes just fast enough to stop where I was half a second earlier. And to top it all off? As soon as I was safely on the curb, she floored it. What the fuck?! Nearly running over someone isn't enough to get you to think twice about speeding in a densely populated residential neighbourhood? I hope you rot in jail when you eventually kill someone with your reckless driving. —Not the first time, either.

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