Over Doing It for Donations

"Would you like to donate $2 to ______?"
"We're collecting for _______. Do you have a toonie for us?"
"Please donate generously. We need your help."
"Give now. Others are waiting for your donation."
"Can you spare $5, $10, and $20 for _____?"
"Can you afford $1.75/day for a year for _______?"

Thank you to all the charities for constantly demanding money again and again at ever turn we take this holiday season. Thank you to a certain group for obstructing traffic on major roads, running all over the street between moving vehicles, shaking Santa hats on the windshields of drivers, and blocking the driver's view of the road. Thank you for nearly causing rear end collisions between cars and other accidents. Thank you police for allowing this unsafe donation-begging to take place on these busy streets.

Congrats to these charities. Your aggressive methods of raising money will cause more people to refuse to donate. It's time to rethink your strategies. People don't need to be forced to donate. —NoDonationForYou

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