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Why on earth would you get a dog if you are NEVER EVER going to be home? You both work and you both go to school, so when on earth are you going to be able to walk and have fun with your pooch? You're not. How do I know? I work from home... duh. 8 hours a day that little guy is up there barking, howling, and scratching at the floor. There is no such thing as a bad pet—only bad pet owners. Either train your pooch correctly or find a home that the owners will love and care for him and maybe have a backyard or at least somewhere that they can take him outdoors because you certainly don't.

I adore animals but this has got to stop. Not being able to sleep and having to leave my apartment for three hours only to come back at 3 am with it still going on. Please stop being douche bags and love your doggie... if not... give him to a family that will. —Annoyed downstairs neighbor

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