A Bridge Too Far

Bridge Commission, when the f*%# are you going to re-open those MacPass lanes? Your top dog is applying to the Utilities Review Board to increase tolls to a dollar a trip, yet you can't seem to complete a simple project like putting up dividers. When did this interuption start? I can't remember, was it October? was it maybe September? I dunno, but whoever has the contract to do this work, is certainly taking their good 'ol time at the expense of the traveling public. I was jokingly lamenting to someone about a month ago saying; "oh, that won't be finished 'til next year." You know, I believe my statement will be correct. It's December now and I drive by this mess day after day and often don't see any work being done. They're not all bad-weather days, guys. I'm not hoping for it, but soon we may be into snow. I can't picture seeing a crew working on this in the snow. Is that a low shoulder on the Dartmouth aproach where you took the asphalt out to put these barriers in? So now as well as the construction barrels, a new low shoulder to increase the hazard of winter driving. I thought the original idea for installing these was for safety, yet here you go creating more safety issues... good work. Not to mention slowing down the traffic flow. It all adds up to one big "cluster f#%@" of incompetence. And you want to raise the tolls? Try doing your job for a change. —Dervish

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