Library Doors

Can someone PLEASE explain to me why the hell all the doors in the university library are so fucked? Like no, really. First of all, they must have found it really hilarious to make it so you have to PULL the door in and PUSH it when you are leaving, but what about the fact that the doors themselves have the SHITTIEST handles (if you can even call those large fucking pieces of shit handles) and weigh 19320 pounds, so when a relatively small girl like me tries pulling/pushing I make a fool out of myself by struggling to complete such a simple task. Ever think about why so many people feel the need to press the handicap button so often? Because thats the only way you can get through without basically bench pressing a 500 pound door which seems to NOT want to let you through. And the noise the automatic doors make are even worse for the poor people trying to study! GET IT TOGETHER! Who the fuck designed this building anyway? Fucking embarrassment. —Is Anyone Really Surprised At This Bitch?

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