Didn't Dawn at Dusk

First, I understand that nearing 5 pm this time of year it starts to get dark and therefore a little tougher to see. However, at 5'9 and carrying a giant orange bag facing your way, dear driver, not to mention traffic in the other direction stopped at the crosswalk it might register that, hey, that person might be about to walk out into the street. Yes, the lights had just changed at South and South Park and I'm sure you were eager to get home, but seriously, you must have a wicked car and a lead foot to have sped up so much you made a tire-squealing stop as I jumped back out of your way. Sure, maybe the chick in the passenger's seat had pissed you off and you felt the need to burn some rubber. Next time try waiting until after rush hour because if I hadn't turned to look a third time down the street after acknowledging the truck driver who was holding traffic back for me you would have taken me out and found yourself selling your car and working your ass off to pay my student loans. Seriously, after the accident last Friday on Spring Garden Road you'd think people might be a wee bit more cautious on the road. I'm lucky I'm ridiculously paranoid about drivers like you. If the world is just you'll have been as freaked out as your passenger was. Next time we may both be out of luck. —Wishing drivers gave attentive pedestrians a break

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