Inconsiderate Vessel of Disease

I'm not a germaphobe, I just don't appreciate you coughing in my face. Every time you cough in my general direction, I think of all the disgusting viral particles you're so generously spreading around and need to avert the overwhelming urge to whip out my hand sanitizer & surgical mask and run to the opposite side of the room. Could you try and have some manners? I mean I like you, when you aren't sick and coughing in my face all day. I try not to offend you by saying "Hey SARS, could you aim your cough in the other direction, maybe into the corner where no one sits?" By the time lunch hour rolls around, I haven't seen you wash your hands before touching everything in the lunch room or after wiping your nose with your hand.

On top of it all, when I get sick a few days later, you have the nerve to say, "Well you didn't get it from me, my doctor says I'm not contagious, I only have a chest infection." Dude, in order for your chest to become infected in the first place, there has to be some sort of foreign substance, be it viral or bacterial infecting it and when you're so impolitely coughing into your hand and touching my notes and textbooks without sanitizing, you're definitely "contagious". —Sick of this "snot bubble" sitting near me

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