Accept it, you're Canadian NOT Chilean. Stop saying your family is from Chile because THEY ARE NOT! Just because your step dad is from the country it does not give you the right to start telling people you're Hispanic. Shit, are you that desperate to make your life seem a little more interesting that you feel the need to lie about your ethnicity?! At first I thought it was weird, then I tried to ignore it, but it just seems that everyday you're bragging to someone new about how you're "Latina" BUT YOU'RE NOT! And to actually be Hispanic and have to see you lying about belonging to my race quite frankly pisses me off. What makes me even more angry is when you would try to bond with me over our Latin roots even AFTER I found out that it is your step dad that's from Chile, whom you have no blood relation what so ever! And while we're on the topic of your fakeness, for fucks sake will you please stop playing the victim already! You say you have a knack for losing people in your life, then get a hint! IT'S YOU! You're the one driving people away, you have no one but yourself to blame for being lonely and unhappy. You can't expect to have close friends when you talk behind people's backs. You can't expect to have a serious relationship when you flirt and spread your legs for any guy with a big wallet and a foreign background. Do you really think going downtown and making out with random dudes is going to find you that boyfriend you're so desperate for? As much as you bad mouth ho's we all know you're one of them. There's a reason the person you talk most with is your mother, and it's not just cause you're close, it's cause you have no one else because you refuse to just be yourself. Stop trying to be this powerhouse of a woman that you're not. If you were really as strong and independent as you think you would have stopped talking about how much you want to travel and just done it (you have the money), instead you have to be the third wheel on your parents anniversary trip. Finally, give the eye makeup a rest already it makes you look cheap, you're a pretty girl underneath all that crap you put on your face. —Insomniac

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