The Hacker

So it's been weeks that I am taking the same bus home and there you are everyday in the front seat of the bus hacking non-stop. Has it ever occurred to you to see a doctor? For a full 45 minutes to an hour everyone on this bus has to listen to your non-stop flem. I understand there may be some type of underlying issue and that this minor disturbance/annoyance is worse for you than those of us confined to sharing the public space. Until today, with the bus being very busy as usual, there was one seat left next to you, the Hacker. I have never experienced such a disgusting smell in my whole life, at first I felt bad for the hacking until i realized that you must eat raw tobacco for breakfast lunch and supper. I was unable to breathe sitting next to you, due to the excessive stench, every time you let out a rotten lung hack, I literally had to hold my breath. At least if your going to cough up a lung for weeks and not see a doctor; please use a breath mint, chew some gum, carry a water bottle-stop smoking three packs a day. Yes, I use public transit, but I have the right to be able to breathe in my own seat. —Riled about rotten air

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