Driving drunk next time!

My girlfriend and I went for supper last night at her sister's. We ended up having a few drinks (as it's the festive season) so we got a cab home and left our car on the street. The responsible thing to do, right? When I got a cab back this morning to pick up our vehicle I had two parking tickets. One for the winter ban ($50) and one because the meter ran out ($25). I can accept the 'meter ran out' fine, but it didn't even fucking snow last night. Sure, have your precious little ban, but if it doesn't fucking snow then you shouldn't be fining people. If it snows, fine everyone. This is nothing more than a cash grab and a scam. You don't get speeding tickets because you "might" speed and you shouldn't get parking fines because it "might" snow. Fucking ridiculous. —T

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