Hurt her, and I will hurt you

To the son of a bitch dating my best friend... you are a manipulating, abusing asshole. The only reason you act the way you do is because you are so insecure. So instead, I watch you break her down to nothing, make her feel like shit about herself, and make her believe she can't do any better than you. The truth? She could do a million times better than you. And I won't rest until she sees that. Maybe I'm "too controlling" as you put it, but I refuse to watch you hurt my best friend/sister. You had no problem getting up in my face, so I know you'd have no problem doing it to her. If you ever hurt her physically, you will have many people coming after you... and I will be leading the pack. You ain't nothing but a little boy with a temper. Fuck you. —The best friend you hate

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