Terminal Tantrum

OK I know we are all tired of hearing about lousy customer service in retail and restaurants, but I couldn't let this go:

Retail store. December 20th. Shopping with my father. Now thankfully, as of yet, my father's Parkinson's disease has only progressed to his arm and hand... for now... so we wait in the line and it's busy and we get it. 5 days before the most over-marketed phony holiday of the year, we understand so we make conversation with others in the line.

It's finally our turn, Dad starts moving the stuff from his cart to the check out and drops some of the smaller stocking-stuffer stuff. Dim-witted cashier, huffs like it is taking time out of his day... I know some might say, "If he's got PD, do this shit for him and make it faster." Fuck you, this disease will progress to the point where he won't be able to do this for himself at all, so we are letting him hold on to the abilities he has left. Slowly watch your father deteriorate and then tell me not to take him in public.

So, Dad was picking up on the cashier's frustration and getting anxious and dropping more stuff. People in the line were not reacting at all. During the 10-15 minute wait we were talking about my father's Parkinson's and others in the line were contributing who they knew had it... blah blah blah typical conversation stuff... so the people in the line were totally cool.

The cashier was huffing in frustration and rolling his eyes. He was ringing stuff in and shoving it in the plastic bags. Even after I gave him the canvas ones. Then he takes the plastic bags and dumps them in the canvas ones and throws the plastic bags in the garbage. Hurray for defeating the purpose! Now Dad goes to pay for it, he had a $20 gift card to the store and gave that to the cashier first, by now dad is embarrassed and ready to leave.

The cashier: What is this?
Dad: It's a gift card.
Cashier: *Huff/Sigh* I know that, how much is it worth?
Dad: Twenty dollars... I'll put the rest on debit.

The cashier didn't say anything at all, no acknowledgement what so ever. He swipes the gift card, chucks it in the garbage, swipes the debit card, and then turns the little terminal. Dad has to get his glasses, by the time he gets them on and goes through the prompts, the terminal times out and he has to do it again. Which sends the cashier off. He huffed again and almost yelled at dad, "it timed out because you took too long to push a few little buttons!"

I was done and so were 5 people in the line. I told him to cancel the order and give me cash for that $20 dollar gift card that he used already. He had to call a manager. The manager came and I repeated everything that happened. She said there were no cash refunds on gift cards. So, I said program me another one but I will never be back to use it. The worst was that she offered no apology on behalf of the company that hired this idiot. I will never be back and the people that abandoned their carts will have something to say too. —Cashback? Not from you

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