Take your air hose and shove it!

To the two lovely ladies working at a certain gas bar in Dartmouth, screw you and your stupid air hose policies.

I woke up one day to find that the back tire on my truck was nearly flat and I barely made it to the air hose before running the risk of damaging the rim. Whew! I grabbed my 50 cents, knowing full well that this is the cost for air these days. I even took an extra quarter just in case. Well wasn't I dumbfounded when I found out the price went up to a dollar, and idiot me brought no more money. No trouble, I've been coming to this gas station for years and I'm sure someone can help me by turning on the the complimentary air stated on the air pump. No dice, "we are not allowed to give out free air, even under your current circumstances." You gotta be shittin me! After pleading, after saying I would leave my licence and bring back the 25 cents later, and to no avail, I asked for the manager. So this led to the so called manager (who was smoking out front in proximity to the pumps might I add) to waddle her dumpy ass in and tell me she couldn't help me either. I nearly lost my fucking mind! I went back to the air hose station, took a picture of the complimentary air sign that states to ask an attendant if needed help and went back in again. "Sorry," she said, she could only do it if I brought in my basketball or bicycle. What a load of shit, I threw my hands in the air and said your district manager would be notified of this crap. It was only then that this poor excuse of a manager got fed up and tossed a loonie at me and said "whatever dude."

I took that money, pumped up my tire and immediately went up the street to the next station. They had the same signs, price of air, but one major difference, they were more than helpful to give assistance. I explained what happened to me and they couldn't believe it. So to the two ladies who have no guest service skills, human compassion, or shred of decency, fuck you, take your air hose and shove it! —Fed up with poor customer service

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