A Crazy Bitch huh? How about a DUMPED LOANER JERK?!

I am sick and tired of you calling me a crazy bitch and a psycho when in all reality, I'm nothing like that. You, my dear, need to remove the stick up your ass! I'm trying to figure out if being with you through the good times is worth putting up with your bullshit! Holy, yes I know, I'm a bitch. People don't know how much you break me down... but, you know what? Honey? I'm only about a few more of your "choice words" from leaving. You can kiss my ass and call me all the names you want when I'm gone! Wallow in your own pity, I'm assuring you... I WILL NOT BE COMING BACK. Keep it up asshole! To all the men out there who are like this (not all the men just the verbally/physically abusive men): Fuck you! —You don't know what you had 'til it's gone and it's about to leave you! X

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