Kicked Out

So, I purchased a ticket to a downtown bar for New Year's to show up for about an hour or two and I was having an alright time until I went to get some jackets from coat check. I returned to my table of friends and realized there were too many jackets given to me. Before I could go return them a bouncer had pushed through the crowd raising his voice telling me I was a thief and I needed to get out. I was confused and obviously had been given back too many jackets... he continued to try to embarrass me and as I was leaving he then told me I wasn't allowed to leave with any of the jackets... not even my own. Dressed in my New Year's attire I left the club without a jacket and froze my ass off outside for 30 minutes while the bouncer just stood and watched me. My phone was dead and I had no way of getting a hold of anyone with me. I asked if I could or if he could get one of my friends from the table so they could help explain my situation. He said no. I had no choice but to walk to my closest friend's house. I am still jacket-less and not very pleased... to the asshole bouncer that kicked me out... why would I try to steal a man's jacket that was ugly as anything? Why would you kick a girl out on New Year's in the freezing cold by herself downtown where all kinds of creeps are? Happy New Year's to you too... jerk. —Dubbbzzz

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