Soulless Slaves to Shareholders

I hope my continual sacrifices are making your shareholders happy. I know they sure don't make my day! I've given 8 years, countless nights away from my family alone in a hotel. Even weeks at a time away from my kids. I've allowed you take over a corner of my home so I can do your work. I give you glowing letters from clients about MY work to put in your advertisements to make your company look good.

Last year though, the shareholders were not happy, so even though my performance was excellent all you could give was HALF of the regular cost of living increase. But if we work a little harder maybe things will be better. Well I worked even harder. But taxes have gone up, utilities have gone up, gas has gone up. Even though I was even better than excellent this year... shareholders still are not happy so NO cost of living increase at all this year. NOTHING. Now that nice little $50 gift card for a Christmas bonus? That's gone to the shareholders pocket too. Thanks for nothing. —Need a new job so I can afford to become a happy shareholder

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