Save the children, save the pug!

To the big fat ugly looking Slug man/Shrek who walks the pug in the South End. Get a life, stop getting so drunk and waking up the neighbourhood. Where the hell are the cops when you need one? You're blowing around this place drunk in your shitty car like you're the only one who exists in this city. Wake up Fat Ass—you could hurt someone. I feel like calling the SPCA for the pug, God knows it despises you as much as the rest of us. I heard you on your cell phone while you walked by me last week with the pug, telling someone that you still can't see straight because you got so drunk the night before. I also saw you pull in drunk that night, we watched as you got out of your car with bottles and a bunch of idiots who seem to think it's ok to die at your hands. Get over yourself! There are kids in this neighbourhood. Grow up! You seem to be in your thirties or early forties, maybe try acting like a man. —Pissed-off Southender

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