Tuck in your shirt and be a parent!

Radio alert: "stay off the roads, unless it's an absolute emergency." I guess coming to the mall just to look around and waste my time, is an "absolute emergency"? Those of you who dare take your kids out, risk your lives on the terrible non-plowed roads and highways, just to kill time in the mall should be ashamed of yourselves! Suck it up and entertain your kids yourself for a change! It's a Sunday and unless you work retail you have the day off to spend with your child. The mall isn't entertainment to a toddler nor a babysitter! I've been working in a local mall for six years now and it never ceases to amaze me the lack of care and general emotion most parents show towards their children. If I can notice it then you are damn straight they do. Tuck in your shirt and be a parent. Stay off the roads when they tell you to! Nothing should be that important that you have to run to the mall on a storm day. It pisses me off to no end working on a storm day, spending up to 9 hours of reading and solitaire with a deck of cards but what pisses me off even more, is the reason why we stay open, it's because of you assholes and your boredom. —Glorified cashier

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