Your service sucked!

To the waitress who served my wife and I: I have to say your service was the worst fucking service ever! You walked right past us 4 times before seating us. You took 10 minutes to get our drinks. You took another 10 minutes to take our order! I asked why you were taking so long. "I'm the only waitress working right now" you tell me. Okay, but still, why did you take so long? I saw you serving only 5 to 7 other tables, not something crazy like 15! Seriously, I had to ask you to refill my drink twice and my wife had to ask for more milk with her tea! It took you too long to complete those simple tasks. Then we got our wings and main dishes at the same time! When I informed you that the wings were supposed to come first, you told me the wing order got screwed up in the kitchen and by the time they were re-made, the main dishes were ready, so you put them (main dishes) with the wings 'cause you didn't want our main course to get cold. Food for thought: maybe you should have told the kitchen to re-make the main dishes as well so they are still served fresh AFTER the apps!! But nope, you decided to plop it all down at once. Not much of an apology from you. You didn't even offer to get us anything else. You just walked away, and we had to get up to ask for our fucking bill! My wife and I left a penny on the table for you. Then we went to the manager to complain and ask for a discount. His response: "She's by herself and doing the best she could. The other server called in sick and we were unable to get a replacement. Sorry." No discount! I proceeded to tell him the service was shit and went into detail about why. He says "I told you before, she was the only one working and it was busy for 1 server. Why don't you wait a few tables, yourself, before you start criticizing?". What the fuck! Who says this to their customers!! Well, fuck you hapless waitress and manager, I'm ordering my food elsewhere! —Disgruntled Diner

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