Shameful Taxi Service

After waiting 20 minutes for my taxi, I called back to see how much longer I had to wait. When I asked the dispatcher (who I will leave unnamed) how much longer I had to wait I was told that she “could not just pull a time out of her ass” and that my cab would “get there when it gets there". When I told her she need not be snarky about it, she replied with: “Oh wait, did I hear you say to cancel your cab? I just want to make sure you want me to cancel your call, because I can do that you know."

After being treated in such a manner, I proceeded to call the supervisor the next morning. When I called and told her of the appalling happenings of the day before, I was told by the supervisor “I don't believe you, our (insert dispatch name) would never act like that unprovoked” and proceeded to make several excuses for any “possible rudeness that may have occurred”. I was interrupted and talked over several times.

I am appalled and severely offended that I was outright told I was lying by the supervisor, not to mention the dispatcher's miserable behavior on the day of the call. —Upset wishing you had not called me a liar

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