Bed Bugs

To the hotel I stayed at Sunday night... I should have known something was amiss when you did not want my credit card to take an imprint for the charges when I checked in and asked for cash. Your hotel is a cinder block roomed fucking bed bug infested shit hole. Being exhausted and late I had nowhere else to go. I woke up at 3 am with this crawling sensation on my side. I jumped up, put on the lights, pulled back the sheets and there were bugs racing away on the sheets. Fucking disgusting! I caught two of the little fuckers in a glass and brought them down to you to show you. You better get that fucking place fumigated folks. I know now that it's probably a mom and pop place to stay, lower class and slightly above hourly rental rates. Perhaps you have not much money, but seriously, spend a few bucks. Fix it up. At least fucking fumigate and TRY to get rid of those fucking bugs! You asked me how I knew they were bed bugs. Well, I showed you the picture I got off the internet on my Blackberry after I found the little fuckers in the bed. If I caught two there is thousands in that place! You told me you never heard of bed bugs before. Watch the news folks! Read the papers! CALL AN EXTERMINATOR! —Tourist

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