Bayer's Hell

This one has been in the works for years. Bayer's Lake is undoubtedly the least friendly place for pedestrians that I have seen in HRM. First off, there's a lack of sidewalks. They are only on one side of the street, the other side has corners at the lights and the rest is pavement and lawn. Should you want to venture away from those corners you have to walk on the pavement with the cars or on the lawn (which is currently occupied by two feet of dirty snow). Second, some people drive like there are no other cars or pedestrians around. They swerve around the speed bump narrowly avoiding other cars and pedestrians and they drive crazy fast in the non-speed-bumped sections (to be fair, most do stop in the crosswalks near the shops, most). Third, there should be more crosswalks on Bayer's Lake Road. There is, I think, three, one at the beginning, one in the middle and one at the end. While there are "unmarked crosswalks", people seldom stop to let people through. There should be some sort of a light there that maybe could be pedestrian activated to turn red at certain intervals, like the intersection on Quinpool where a certain organic store is. And last but certainly not least is the 52. It's always late, if it shows up at all that is. Granted it doesn't have a whole lot to do with Bayer's Lake per say, it does add to the frustration of going there. —Fed up but not enough to take three buses to go to Dartmouth Crossing

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