Some pregnant women in the workplace

Before I start, I want it known that I do not hate pregnant women whatsoever, I just have an issue with how far into the pregnancy some of them should be allowed to work.

I know that in a lot of cases that dual income is needed to pay for everything nowadays but I really think that there comes a point during pregnancy that some (not all) women should not be allowed to be at work. My wife works with a woman who was a bitch before she got pregnant but now is a useless demon that the employers are scared to talk to for fear of the Government coming down on their asses for being discriminative. It's NOT being discriminative when the person does not do any work (not simply less work as that is a given late in the pregnancy for a lot of women as mobility/lifting gets difficult) or is so mean/rude to customers and even staff that noone wants to come in the place of business, nor do any staff want to work with them.

I work with a pregnant woman as well, and she sits for the entire shift/does little or no work (save answering the phone...) and shes only a little over half way through the pregnancy but my work wont even ask that she try to do a little more.

Maybe as a guy, most women will say that I just don't get it but there really should be a point at which the place of business is allowed to come out and say that the person is not being productive and impacting the work environment without being called out for discriminating. I mean, yeah, talk to the employee and give them a chance to try a little harder or to get their doctor to put them on sick leave prior to maternity leave so they don't lose their maternity leave, don't just fire their asses... but at least be allowed to comment like they would for any other non-productive worker. I know that there are some pregnant women who are still quite productive, not hell on heels, I just dont want people to have to be scared of the ones that are. —Sick_of_political_idiocy

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