Douchebaggery 101

I have a hard time understanding how such a small population of students can harbour such a large portion of macho douche bags. I walk by the school from the bus stop home and almost every time there is some shit hole or another driving his little loud-muffler hatchback clown car like a fucking crack fiend up and down the residential streets. There are children and dog walkers and deaf people living in that area. I would like to find out where your gold-sparkled hatted asses live and do doughnuts on your front lawn while your little sister is playing hop-scotch with her friends in the drive way and see how you like it. I find it sad that the school had to put a speed bump at the exit to the parking lot because you little fucks have no self control. Do they have a class on how to be a little trailer park gangster bitch there? It seems like it. —Concerned About My Street

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