The NS government, past and present

This is not an NDP bitch, or a Conservative bitch, or even a Liberal bitch; it's a bitch at all three! For their general incompetence and lack of leadership over the last thirty years, which have seen this province dwindle in every economic and cultural aspect. Why are people not more outraged at the proposed/alleged budget cuts to education? Why is the urban demographic controlling provincial and federal funding decisions? Why are people complacent with low voter turnout? There are talented people in this province who are prohibited from expressing and using their talent; their government is not giving them the opportunity to live in a place where these talents are supported and fostered, unless your greatest talent is retail. If this convention centre goes through, everyone—and I mean everyone—will regret it. Stop turning farmland into stripmalls. Nova Scotia has the ability to be a wonderfully vibrant and economically prosperous place, with educated and healthy people who care about one another. Big business and foreign hairbrain ideas of capital generation and investment is not a natural talent here; our government should be keeping our local communities and industries active because life is better that way. This province is way too beautiful, and the people in it way too cool, to have such shitty leadership. —EAST COAST FOR LIFE

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