The Ol' Boys in Blue

To the three cops standing around like high school bullies outside a building on Gottingen late last night: What is the deal with you guys? You were shining a light into a woman's face taunting her and being overly condescending until she went back into her apartment. After that you proceeded to shine your flashlight up into the windows of the apartment and make super immature noises as though you were imitating a mentally handicapped person. If that wasn't shitty enough one of you actually said (loudly) "That's how we treat our retards around here!!" and then laughed about it with all your buddies. C'mon son. Are you serious? Are these the people we're supposed to entrust with our safety? It's scary how many cops I've met in Halifax that just want to talk down to you until you're afraid of them. It doesn't go unnoticed. Without a gun and a badge what do you got? —Chuck

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