Education Cuts

Recently there has been a proposal that instead of cutting jobs they simply not replace those teachers who retire? How is that not cutting jobs? What about the hundreds of teachers who have been jumping through hoops and waiting their turn?

I'm not an expert, but from my observations the state of things is due to a few facts: First, too many new teachers are being pumped out of the universities to fit the need and demand. Secondly, the unions have given teachers and school board members some great benefits but they have also helped to create a system that in protecting its members in ways that hurt future members and prevents the necessary flexibility to make educating more effective. It is about teaching the kids, money should be going towards having more effective teachers, not to school board luxuries.

If you want to make cuts then maybe start with the bloated school board administration and their mismanagement of funds, then maybe get rid of those part time teachers who are already retired and are taking percentages away from the newbies. Do not get rid of the position, but make more meaningful positions... turn those 10% and 20% where you can into full time. Make it so that the administration can get rid of those ineffective teachers (many teachers are great but even teachers know there are many who are a detriment to the children and their future). Fill those positions with those that appear to be effective, or have the better potential to be. Seniority does not make for a better teacher. Don't cut those extra programs that help support kids in reading and math, help those programs be more effective by getting teachers in place that can see them work.

22% cuts to education in a province where the populous for the most part is being undereducated already makes no sense. Make the cuts where they make sense (away from the classroom) and make the classrooms more efficient/effective by replacing the 22% of teachers that are a detriment with 22% of teachers that will make a difference. NS education as a whole is behind the country and the world... we need to get our sh**t together, but that does not mean taking money away from the one place we can to do this. Promote our classrooms and good teachers and cut the necessary administrative spending and employees . Don't F it up further. —NotATeacherButWTF

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