End of My Rope

Alright... enough! I posted a bitch recently about my boss and the toxic work environment that I work in. Y'know, the one about setting up the workplace's fb page, coming in early when the boss wanted to stay at the cottage to drink, staying late, bringing in business and yet my hours were cut by a half to 2/3 in an attempt to make me quit? Well, today as I was coming into work I got off the 102 at Kearney Lake because there was an accident... as I went to make a left hand turn I heard a clunk, followed by horrible grinding and my car stopped. I moved to the side of the road and put my 4-ways on. I then found my cell wasn't working, nor was the payphone at the first gas station. At the second one they let me use the phone to call the boss to let her know what had happened. All was fine. I had no money (it's payday) and no one I could call. Some very nice people did stop to help (see a later love)... but when I finally got into work she was sitting at the desk and she said: 'You're just not reliable man, give me the key to the shop... that's that.' Fired. On the spot. I walked out after she informed me that the 'checks aren't ready yet.' I come back to find nothing by way of severance. What the? Am I missing something. Isn't severance supposed to be in lieu of notice? And I was never given any verbal warnings or written warnings about 'unreliability'. I'm sure there is a law... —TheBlackRose

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