Roommate Rampage

I understand that when students first go to university, they're usually living on their own for the first time without constant parental guidance and influence. They're even more lost than usual if they've been sheltered to the point of smothering. This is no excuse at all for them to disregard even the most basic aspects of hygiene when moving into a house with other students. Sure, you go to school to find yourself and learn independence. To learn where you fit in with society when you're not under the protective wing of your parents. This does NOT mean it's acceptable to let the garbage can overflow onto the floor, leave hair all over the shower walls, eat other people's food, destroy furniture, and constantly scream about the drama you're creating in your long distance relationship that clearly won't last. If this is the "self" that you're finding, society doesn't want you to express your individuality and neither do I. —Frustrated Female

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