Shut up in class!

I was sitting in class the other day listening to the professor drone on and on about the day's topic, when the 3 girls next to me, who were obviously bored started to text eachother, that would be all fine and dandy but turn your ring tones off! You are in class, you each are paying 600+ for this class and so am I, so when I asked them to put their phones on silent they had no reason to get all snooty with me, and here comes the kicker, I turn my attention back to the prof and I hear them snicker about me stepping up and telling them off, I finally had enough and told them to shut up or just leave I am trying to learn. Why do people go to class with no intention of learning? I see that their daddies paid for their school and that's good to know, I work full time to pay for the courses I take. —Trying to get a decent grade

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