I need a cell phone why??

This just drives me nuts: I go to a popular video sharing website to make my own account and am told I can't give an e-mail address for a verification code, I have to give my cell phone number. Are you kidding me? So I go to the FAQ's and "what if I dont have a cell phone?" is there, and their answer is "find someone who has one."

Well you know what? Not everyone has a cell phone! Not everyone WANTS a cell phone either and I think it's disgusting to assume that everyone has one. Now, I'm aware this site is viewed by millions more people than NS has living in it, but not everywhere in NS has cell phone service yet, and I'm sure as hell it's the same in other provinces/areas in the states too.

So WHY do companies/corporations/people have to do this to us? I don't have a cell phone and I'm not going to ask a friend to have their number out in cyberspace just to get a fuckin verification code. I hate this technology shit. Lets go back to smoke signals and singing around the fire. THAT is communication. —ASSUMING makes an ASS out of U and ME

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