Not a drop to drink

The power was out here in Bedford on Monday. I came home around 6 pm to find the water off also. I thought it had something to do with the power outage. I called the water company and they sent a tech out to see what the problem was... they couldnt find a problem until their office informed the tech that it seems I owed $329 on my bill.

There was no warning. No letter. I had no idea that this was going to happen. So on the day the power went out here in Bedford and one of the coldest days of the year they decided to shut my water off too WITHOUT WARNING! When I phoned them they told me I should have received a notice in AUGUST! Here it is 5 months later and my water is off. I had taken my child to the doctor the day before and he was diagnosed with stomach flu. Can you imagine having a child with stomach flu at home and you can't flush the toilet let alone give him a drink? You can bet he was dehydrated.

By the time I realized it was due to a delinquent bill it was after hours and I had no way of paying it. The company was not able to turn my water back on even though I had the money to pay for it. But a tech was able to come out to see what happened to my water. You do the math: a tech to turn off my water, a tech being sent out to find out what is wrong with my water, another tech to come out to have my water turned back on, how much would this cost? How much is it to have an operator phone me up to let me know that the water would be turned off if I did not pay my bill? I would venture to guess that the amount spent on this situation cost more than the damn $329 they were seeking! —Argghh

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