Over-Charging Cabby

It was close to 4am on Spring Garden: My friends and I are trying to get a cab, with the whole other slew of club-goers who invade the street post closing time. Okay, cool, waiting for a cab isn't my bitch- it's an expected part of my weekend night.

What happened after we got in the cab was what really boils my blood. My friends aren't from Canada and all speak fluent arabic. The cab driver, also arabic. We're all chit-chatting, weee this is fun. Somewhere along the commons the cabby got a call- apparently from his nephew in Herring Cove. His nephew wanted to be picked up. The cabby then proceeded to TELL (not ask) us he was going to take us to Herring Cove to pick up this guy, and that he'd drop us off after. Uhhh... Ok. I didn't really care until he said he'd be leaving the meter on since we were already making him go out of his way (Clayton Park). WTF? We said no, that wasn't fair, and asked to be taken to our destination first. He said no, and continued driving. Disagreement escalated until he stopped the car on a street I'd never been on, and kicked us out.

The cab drive would've been close to (or over) $45 if we had let the cabby do what he said- there was no way that was fair. I didn't get the cab's car number, so I couldn't call the company.

I'm not sure why this happened- it wasn't until after my friends said where they were from and that they had been drinking that this went down. News Flash! I'm from here and I was sober. And where do you get off throwing people who aren't familiar with the city and have been drinking in an area a local didn't even recognize? I don't think this was a race thing, but my friends insisted—a lot of people from their country are known for having a bit of cash to throw around. Was it the cabby thought we were loaded and wouldn't care? Was it both? All weighed in, it doesn't matter why it happened (even the 2nd cabby agreed): YOU'RE A DICK. —Hope your car breaks down

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