Situational awareness

A while back in my hometown a great thing happened, the city sprung for a recrational trail, complete with water fountains, benches, paved trail for all methods of physical fitness. I myself took part regularly roller bladeing through from start to 15km finish. Great fun... until people started getting mugged, women groped, etc. It was like they came out of the the ground, the creeps. So my father, being an observant police officer noticed the relationship between the people attacked and their complete lack of situational awareness due to their walkmans/portable cd players. To combat this the police patrolled heavily for a while, and made the recommendation that the users of the trail should avoid distractions while out in public, especially after dark. What do you know, the occurrences of the attacks dropped off to nil, even after they stopped the heavy presence, because people LISTENED and stopped jamming their ears with headsets. Caught unawares... not them.

Fast forward to here. I shake my head to see all the early morning/late night joggers that run the streets of Halifax, and all the young teens with their gadgets jammed in their ears. Stop making yourselves more of a target. Criminals look for the quickest easiest way to capitalize on someones weakness. Swarmings, blindside attacks and attacks from behind are what is getting our citymates time and time again. I implore you all to keep your wits about you. Don't be paranoid or nothing but make it harder for the scum in this city to make you their next victim, and cause another spike in the stat columns for crime here. —Icky

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