We are never going to hire you!

To a certain individual who keeps applying to our company: when are you going to realize that you are not qualified to work in our organization? You have a Bachelor of Commerce, so that means you think you can just apply for our positions without experience? You've applied for administrative assistant positions every time they became available, which was about 4 times in a 2-month period. When we didn't contact you, you would send your resume out to us again (assuming we didn't receive it)! Now you're applying for our customer service positions. Atleast, you could have stood to get a prescreening interview for customer service since you have some experience in that area, but your cover letter is... you know... not the greatest. We tend to lean towards candidates who can write a decent cover letter. Although you have no spelling/grammar errors, you in no way convinced us why you're the ideal candidate! What I think you don't seem to get is WE'VE HAD YOUR RESUME AND COVER LETTER ON FILE FOR THE PAST 4 MONTHS! We'll contact you if something comes up, which will likely not happen. We're required to keep your resume on our database for a certain amount of time. But if it were up to me, or the rest of the HR dept, your resume/cover letter would have been tossed already. There is really no way in hell you'll even get an interview from us. Sorry. —Frustrated in the HR Dept

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