Student unions are the worst

Well Jesus H. I'm so fucking sick of "reduce tuition fees" and "solidarity marches" and WAH WAH WAH. Goddamn babies. I'm from one of those families that couldn't afford to put me in sports leagues and so definitely couldn't afford to put me through university. So you know what I did? I did not get a loan. I worked full-time while in school full-time, and I tried hard enough to succeed that I was granted scholarships to cover the majority of my tuition each year. I graduated with $0.00 debt. It's possible, if you want it badly enough.

These whiney-ass entitled douchebags should be focusing their energy on making the government increase funding to SECONDARY schools; the resources should be available so that students are actually capable of succeeding in university before they get there. It sure must suck spending $45,000 on a degree and only get C's because secondary schooling failed so horribly because the GOVERNMENT REDUCED THE BUDGET SO MUCH THAT class sizes are 35, resources are outdated, and standards are so low that labrador retrievers could pass the final exams.

Education is a right, not a privilege. But university is a privilege, no matter how you slice it. Pressure the government to improve secondary schooling and there MIGHT BE an increase in students who are able to both work and go to school while maintaining high grades. What happened to earning it? —Self-made aster

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